Elisabeth Berrissoul

Elisabeth Berrissoul

Dermatologist, head doctor of Epiderm

About Epiderm

The advice that will help relieve symptoms

  • How to define EPIDERM?

    EPIDERM is a dermatological remote advice service. This does not replace consultations with referring physicians or dermatologists but provides first quick online advice to patients seeking to reassure their health. Waiting times have become longer in our surgeries. With EPIDERM, we act through advice to enable patients who are waiting for an appointment to learn good practices, avoid errors, relieve anxiety and read messages about prevention of skin pathologies.

  • What is in the report with the medical advice of the dermatologist?

    The report helps to identify and clarify the problem and to give the necessary recommendations based on cases. We do not issue prescriptions, but we give advice that will alleviate the symptoms and indicate the procedure to follow in the course of care.

  • What does EPIDERM do if the condition is serious?

    If we have the slightest doubt, we will tell the patient's doctor about the urgency of the situation so that he can get a quick appointment with a dermatologist. Like this, when justified, we can reduce the waiting time for a Dermatology appointment from several months to a few days.

  • What are the guarantees in the EPIDERM service?

    When you use EPIDERM, you are anonymous: no personal information is required of you. Your identity is protected as well. All our doctors are enrolled in the Council of the Medical Association and are subject to the code of ethics. EPIDERM works closely with health authorities to provide the best quality service possible.